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You don’t have to go crazy at work

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What to do on the weekend? Rest, of course. Gain strength. And you can also think about how to work more efficiently, spend less nerves and energy at work. Especially for the cultivation of such productive thoughts, we have prepared for you a summary of ideas from a new book by Jason Freid and David Heinemeier Hensson, authors of the cult books Rework and Remote, It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at Work.

After reading them, you will learn how to reduce stress at work, and how to create a corporate culture in which no one will go crazy at work. So, important ideas of the book in express format

The paradox of our time – we work a lot, but we do very little

The popular opinion is that in order to achieve something, you need to leave the “comfort zone”. But if the company’s employees are constantly in the “zone of discomfort”, it only means that the company has big problems – it has a bad organization, poorly set priorities, and employees’ resources are wasted senselessly.

See your company as a product and be an example for your employees

Track how each of your decisions affects the company – how it affects the work of employees and financial performance.

Business is not war, don’t try to be a hero

You can very well be successful by realizing that you are not the only choice for your prospect. He may prefer someone else, so what? Do your thing, improve, but relieve yourself of unnecessary stress.

Too often, manipulation is hidden behind beautiful slogans and pleasant bonuses – the employer is trying to force the employee to devote his whole life to the company

And this is always a very bad deal. When you hear phrases like “we are all like one family,” remember that this most likely means that they are trying to manipulate you.

Do not get carried away by goals and plans

Goals have a dark side. Sometimes the goal overshadows everything – employees begin to attach such great importance to the goal that they are ready to sacrifice everything for it, including morality or even the law – just to get the right number in the report.

There are many mistaken paradigms in today’s corporate culture that should be abandoned

You don’t need to monitor employees to make sure they are working. Yes, you don’t know if an employee is working if you can’t see him. But even if you see it, it does not guarantee that it works. The authors advise supporters of paranoid control to leave people alone and just let them do their job.

To avoid conflicts and tensions between employees, think from the perspective of the “battery of trust”

It is very important for a manager to encourage his employees to be frank, because it often happens that he is the last to know about the most important.

You need a good employee, not someone with a good resume

Don’t be in a war for talent, don’t chase superstars – people reach their potential when they work hard in the right place and everyone has their own talent. For a talent to be revealed, it must be nurtured and cultivated, and not trying to find a ready-made one from a competitor.

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