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Webhosting Deluxe – A New Direction

We were recently informed that Webhostingdeluxe.com website is taking a new direction for website hosting. Previously providing some free plans, the website is now looking to support Asia with premium website hosting on servers located in Thailand and nearby countries.


Having hosting that is more local, should result in better load times and connections than many of the international providers located far away. The plan is to focus on providing high-end servers for a quality service in Asia, with a support team located in a similar timezone. As things progress, and if there is demand, they also said that they may consider setting up servers in other locations, such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and more.
Initially these services will be provided via PayPal payments and international transfers to the countries locally surrounding Thailand, and via Bangkok servers.

This was inspired by the booming business environment in Asia and the AEC, so if you are interested in learnin more and possibly expanding into this region, take a look at: