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This company offers aid to tree planting companies in the form of urban planting solutions

The best filters for our cities are trees. Are you starting a project to plant trees in cities or urban areas? You will face a lot of challenges. Cities are very different from the natural environment of trees, and therefore you need specific urban planting solutions. That way you will successfully complete your project. Curious about how tree planting companies can overcome the difficulties posed by the modern urban environment? And make sure that the plants will stay alive in cities?

Let trees thrive and mature in urban environments

Treebuilders offers aid to tree planting companies in the form of urban planting solutions. They have created different products which help trees to thrive and mature in urban environments. The products they have to offer, are based on the endless experience they have. Also through discussion with nurseries, landscape architects and other professionals they have designed masterpieces. For instance the sandwichconstruction. This pressure spreading system will keep soil from compacting and increases the available root growth volume. Because without a proper system for root management in place, tree roots will grow to the surface and damage infrastructure such as pavement. The company recommends tree planting companies to use the TreeParker system where subsurface structures are possible. Root will grow, because this soil containment cell provides unlimited expansion and promotes stormwater management.

Bioretention system

The bioretention system from Treebuilders is one of the best solutions for urban stormwater management in the modern urban environment around you. Their underground bioretention system serves both functions; bioretention and underground water storage. Treebuilders can provide many more tailor-made solutions besides the bioretention system to enhance water and tree management in urban spaces. If you would like to receive more information about the bioretention system and other solutions that they offer, contact them today. The experts of this company are happy to inform you about their technologies and answer all your questions.