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Small business ideas to start

What do you like? 

If you want to start for yourself, this is the most important question you should ask yourself. Without fun, entrepreneurship is pointless. You won’t last if you don’t like it.


You have to put your heart and soul into it. The first few months you will probably be working almost day and night to get your business up and running.


Basic Things

To start your own business, you will not only need to do the things you enjoy, but also have certain basic things in place. Think about: 


Looking for customers

Creating your own website

Arranging taxes

Switching on insurances

Making investments

What is your motivation for starting your own business?

The ambition to become rich is not enough to start a business

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How to start a business. And it is also an illusion to think that you quickly become rich of entrepreneurship. Especially in the early stages you are mainly investing.


Entrepreneurship is about falling down, getting up and going again. You must put a lot of time and energy in your business, this will not succeed without enthusiasm and the right motivation.



Covid-19 is currently causing a lot of uncertainty among start-up entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurship is also about being creative and with some adjustments you can also find new opportunities in the current corona era. 


Some products or services are not possible or profitable because of corona. But you can look for (temporary) solutions to still make money. For example, if one thing becomes clear from the corona crisis it is that web shops offer very good opportunities.


Read all about the possibilities to creatively respond to Covid-19 and where current opportunities lie to successfully start a business.

How do you discover what your passion is?

Follow your passion, is a common tip. But what if you don’t know what your passion is? There is only one way to find out: go out and do some research.


This can be done very easily with a career choice test. Think of it as a first sifting, in any case it immediately becomes clear what you do not want. 


Ideas for starting your own business

Passions lie everywhere, knowledge and experience can be gained at any time in life. What kind of business could you start with? 


Something with language. Writer, translator, SEO specialist: what can you do? Your own text agency could be the solution. 

Administration. Are you a numbers cruncher? Can you help others with their taxes, administration or accounting? Who knows, you could work as an independent tax consultant or accountant. 

Personal Care. Are you deft with nails, hair or feet of your future clients? Or can you give massages? Perhaps a career as a manicurist, hairdresser, pedicurist or masseur is for you. 

Starting your own webshop. What products are close to your heart? Music, natural products, tools or clothing? Who knows, maybe it’s the way you can go and a webshop where you sell these products is the golden idea. 

Hospitality. Are you hospitable, do you like working late and is sociability your most important characteristic? Your own restaurant or café might be where your passion lies. 

Handyman or -woman. Do you have two right hands? Do friends, family or acquaintances always ask you for help when there are jobs to be done, to move, to paint or to plaster? Maybe your own handyman business is just the thing for you. 

Gardener. Are gardens your second nature? Do you love the outdoors? Self-employed gardeners and gardeners make dreams come true for their clients. And before you know it, your own business will be blossoming all over!



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