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Klipfolio reporting made easy with multi-touch attribution

Klipfolio is a cloud-based dashboard tool from Canada. It’s available to everyone and makes it easy to create and share dashboards with colleagues and others. Klipfolio is not only great for marketers, but it has a lot of pre-built templates that can be used to quickly create new projects. Klipfolio is a useful tool for marketers who want to create visual representations of their data. It is a cloud-based dashboard with pre-built dashboards that are easy to use and therefore very popular with marketers. With such advanced reporting, it seems like something is missing. That thing is attribution, and it will boost your Klipfolio metrics.


Today it’s more challenging than ever for marketing teams to stay on top of their marketing performance, especially when there are so many channels to monitor. Klipfolio marketing dashboards are great for monitoring results, tracking spends, and spotting potential channel calamities. But not too long ago (not too long ago!), marketers had to rely on manual reporting and input from team members. The old days of confusion are over. Today, dashboards are a certainty for marketers. But even with today’s dashboards, most marketers cannot make effective optimization decisions. Klipfolio’s new Odyssey enhancement is just what a dashboard needs to work for a marketer.


When you add the Odyssey connector to your GDS, you can instantly access metrics from all of your marketing channels. This information is key to understanding how your various marketing efforts are driving sales and conversions. One helpful metric is a percentage called incrementality index. It helps you see the incremental value of each campaign or ad to your overall conversions. You can now make sense of your marketing data with Odyssey’s marketing metrics. By adding the connector to your GDS, you can see the Incrementality index, which is a percentage that shows the incremental value of each campaign or ad on your overall conversions.